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Make the best out of MindBody with LenzVU

Use LenzVU to better organize, simplify and automate your fitness studio campaigns & further focus on reaching your business goals; all seamlessly through syncing with MindBody Online.

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Campaign Management Features

Integrating LenzVU with MindBody gives you the capability to access more than just waiver management! 

Dashboard Access

Access all documents, client profiles, and features simply through the LenzVU dashboard

Customizable Branding

Have the ability to add your branding and logos to your LenzVU profile and waivers for a personal touch

Multiple Users and Staff

Create and assign permissions & roles to multiple users or staff on your LenzVU dashboard

SMS Designer

Connect directly with your clients through 2-way direct communication, allowing them to respond back! Learn more

Email Designer

Design, send and track personalized emails to stay in touch with your clients and build a strong and valued relationship

Experience (XP) Designer

Design and enhance your client’s journey using the Experience Designer tool. Add different elements to a flow to trigger actions. Learn more

Client Profiles

Access client profiles to see waivers the client has signed, recorded SMS communications & emails, and additional client notes

ACH Payments

Use ACH payments and eliminate extra payment processing fees. Configure payment information through MindBody dashboard 

MindBody Auto-Sync

Sync captured information automatically & continue managing everything seamlessly through MindBody

An Extended CRM Solution

SMS Campaigns

Stay connected with clients and ensure that you can still reach them if you miss a call! Extend your marketing outreaches and send reminders, important info, warm wishes, & more!

2-Way Call Solution

Register a local phone number and allow multiple staff users to have access to your call line. Never miss a client trying to reach you.

Email Campaigns

Build a community with your clients and manage effective marketing campaigns to update your members on the latest and the greatest!

Seamless Waiver & Contract Management

Use Waivers for protection & have them automatically uploaded and integrated to your MindBody client document page.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields such as text, numbers, email, image inputs and more into your digital waiver

Contactless Signatures

Allow your clients to sign their waivers through the easy-to-use signature pad ahead of time or at your location

Flagged Response

Get alerted on key information about your clients that you may feel is important to know ahead of time. Flags are displayed on MindBody client alert fields

Easy QR and URL Access

Share your forms and liability waivers through easy QR code and URL access

Unlimited Waivers

Create, sign and store an unlimited number of waivers and have them attached on MindBody client profile

Minor Participant Waivers

Have a parent/guardian sign waivers for a client under 18 ahead of time, and sync this information to your MindBody account

Waiver Look-Up

Easily look up client profiles, different waivers/forms, and more using different searching criteria such as names, emails, profile ID’s


Track every change and updates made to your forms and keep track of which client has signed the most updated version

Export & Download Data

Export all data captured from LenzVU into a CSV File and download it to store everything in your own database for further processing

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