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Designed to make your studio work effortlessly

An all-inclusive, centralized CRM platform that automates and manages your studio processes to provide your clients with an exceptional experience. Our goal is to help you increase revenue and retain your clients by strengthening your marketing campaigns and outreach.


all communications

Find all your communications on one dashboard. Transcribe texts & calls, view a full communication history and allow any staff member to continue the conversation where it left off. 


at-risk clients

Increase engagement in your studio and retain clients. Let us do the calculation for you! Our customer engagement scoring tool allows you to get a deeper understanding of the patterns in your clients to keep them engaged and happy. 


with marketing campaigns

Connect with clients by segmenting them to create personalized email campaigns. Automate your emails to reach your clients at key touchpoints and get rid of the headache. 


with automated workflows

Drive more traffic & revenue on auto-pilot. Our automation designer ensures no steps are missed in the client journey and lessen your workload. Giving you more time to focus on the bigger picture.



Build customizable forms and liability waivers to get exactly what you need from your clients. Enhance your studio by eliminating the stack of papers.



Task management ensures they are clear about what needs to be done and expected, coordinate staff activities and ensure all tasks are completed.



Never miss what’s going on at your studio with instant alerts and notifications. Follow up with missed calls, texts and react in a timely manner. Get notifications for:

"Increasing your customer retention by just 5% can increase your profits by up to 95%!"

Increase revenue

Increase your revenue by optimizing our engagement scoring tools. We do the calculations for you so that you can enhance your studio’s strategy for the best practices. 

Save time

Give yourself more time with our automations. Work smarter not harder by creating workflows that shorten your to-do list. Ensure you are meeting your clients at the right touchpoints by personalizing their client journey.

Stay connected

centralize your communications! Continue conversations with clients right where they left off. Connect with email campaigns, sms communications and automated responses! Ensure clients always feel heard and cared for. 

Integration Features

We integrate with partners to enhance their services and improve your flows.

Mindbody Online integration

LenzVU is honoured to be partnered with Mindbody Online. Interested in our integration plan? Click here to see our Mindbody integration.

Mariana Tek integration

LenzVU is honoured to be partnered with Mariana Tek. Interested in our integration plan? Click here to see our Mariana Tek integration.

FitDegree integration

LenzVU is honoured to be partnered with FitDegree. Interested in our integration plan? Click here to see our FitDegree integration.

Why choose LenzVU?

Data-driven reports

Our analytics help you understand your clients better and reduce the cost of mass marketing.

Automated tasks

Create automations with ease and give yourself more time for the things you love.

24/7 support team

Our team is dedicated to making sure your studio runs as smooth as possible. We will answer any questions you have.

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