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Connect Business Phone Reinvented.

Grow Business by Communicating effectively with clients. LenzVU provides a phone service that helps better understand your customers and win more.

• Link calls to customer profile

• Automated personalized messages

• Measure and identify customer engagement

• Improve overall customer phone experience

access the sms feature through lenzvu

"90 percent of people open a text within three minutes."

- Soprano Design

A complete list of BUSINESS phone features you'd love!

sms dashboard

Unified Customer Interaction

Manage your customer conversations, communications and calls centrally. The full history of the conversations allows for a better customer experience and satisfaction.


Personalize Your Communication

Create messages specifically personalized and designed for each of your clients. Make them feel special, and in-touch with your business! 

personalize client communication through sms feature and texts
separate your personal sms number from business number

Phone for all your staff

You can provide individual access to your staff so that they can now make and receive calls for your business.
Your LenzVU phone can be answered anywhere on any browser-enabled device.

Make Incoming & Outgoing Calls

Allow your clients to reach out to you using your registered business number, and also call them back!

Auto-reply To Missed Calls

Missed a call? No problem! Allow our system to automatically send clients an SMS after a call is left unanswered for more than 90 seconds.

Track Call Log

Manage the history of missed and attended calls, minutes spent, and more through the dashboard.

track history log of activity

Keep track of all past activity on the communication dashboard, such as: Which staff member sent a message or answered a phone call! Also, can keep track of client notes on each profile. 

Keep track of all client communications from LenzVU Dashboard.

lenzvu sms dashboard add users
SMS autoreply


Enabling SMS Autoreply provides a better customer experience by quickly acknowledging their SMS or phone call. Use this feature when you are outside of working hours, or to remind your clients of important alerts/information once they contact you. 

More than a phone

Implementing a business SMS tool is key to increasing customer reach, improving response rates, and increasing engagement.

These are the exact features any fitness studio needs to communicate effectively with its clients and build a community. 

“The average open rate of an SMS or text message is about 99%, with 97% of messages being read within 15 minutes of delivery”

SMS or texts to communicate with clients gives your brand a personal touch. Your clients will likely always have their phones by their side, making it much more convenient for them to open or respond to your SMS.

Explore our other features

LenzVU offers a range of features dedicated to helping your business create a serene experience for you and your clients. Allow yourself to better connect with your clients with our business management features and waivers.

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