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LenzVU is dedicated to helping your business create a serene experience for you and your clients. Allow yourself to better connect with your clients with our business management features and waivers.

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Our Features

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LenzVU’s resources allow you to bring serenity to your clients by letting them privately and virtually complete required waivers or forms at their convenience, whenever, and wherever they want. This is a perfect way to support your clients who are always on the move.

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Take advantage of our solution and never worry about guest lineups. Your clients can now virtually check into your facility through a kiosk. 

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Take advantage of our SMS Designer and Email Designer tools to create campaigns and effectively communicate with your clients to increase engagement rates.

Say goodbye to the mountains of paperwork lying around your office! Go paperless with LenzVU and enjoy accessing and managing your forms online! Be a part of the eco-friendly movement to help save trees and help create a sustainable community.

Store all client information and data within LenzVU’s secured online database and validate it without bias or discrimination. Help your staff focus on other essential tasks.

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Evolve your business with client experience in mind. LenzVU can produce reports collected directly from surveys/responses sent out to your clients so that you can stay consistent with your clients.

Seamless Experience


1 Easy drag and drop tool to design your online liability waiver or forms

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2 Flexible links and QR code generator for easy communication with clients.


3 Easily review and download completed forms or signed liability waivers.

Take a Deep Dive Into

Our Newest Feature: Centralized Communication

Not able to answer all your calls? Seeing less email engagement from your clients?

LenzVU’s Centralized Communication allows you to have direct 2-way communication on behalf of your business and ensure that you never miss a client.

One Platform. Many
  • Devices.
  • Uses.
  • Possibilities.
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Take Your Business The Extra Mile


Collect insightful analytics from client form responses

Document Validation

Validate and double-check client documentation ahead of time

Response Flagging

Flag sections of your form if it meets a certain criteria, and be alerted

Quick & Easy

Create, collect, manage and update your forms with a few clicks


Customize our template depending on your legal needs

QR code

Make your documents easily accessible for clients through QR code

Take advantage of our added perks to help advance your business to a more efficient one.

Trusted by many for Serenity Efficiency Productivity Insight

Integrated With Leading Fitness Brands

LenzVU provides an extension of features to your existing software to allow for a more customized client experience!

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LenzVU Intelligent Waiver is a SaaS solution by Tribute Kiosk Inc. LenzVU provides great capability along with easy integration into other 3rd party solutions. Our approach has been to design hardware and software that works together to ensure the best experience for your customers. 

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