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Free Liability Waiver

Customizable Digital Waiver Forms
Digitally capture customer signatures online using free waiver forms



Touchless check-in for your visitors and guests
Simple, phone-based guest check-in process. No Touch. No Hassle.


Business Insight

Understand customer trends to improve your business
LenzVU metrics allow you to make better informed decisions



Get alerted to better protect your business
Real-time alerts in the online dashboard help ensure that your business interest are well protected


Hair Salon Waiver Form

Digital capture signed waiver for you hair salon Create and manage multiple liability waivers for your salon based on your needs.

LenzVU's Intelligent Waiver Software

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A Convenient and Reliable Free Digital Waiver Solution

Easy and Simple Conversion

Digital waivers are the future of paperwork, and you can now convert all of your paper waivers into digital waivers with just a few clicks of a button. It is convenient, easy to use, and absolutely risk-free. LenzVU provides the digital waiver solution that is built for your business

How It Works

1. Create

LenzVU provides an easy to use and intuitive form designer that allows you to simply drag and drop input elements to create your desired waivers and questionnaires.

2. Collect

Using a multitude of methods, such as QR code, email, or in-store display, you can collect your signed forms from your visitors with ease. Check-ins and registrations just got easier!

3. Manage

All signed forms will be stored securely in LenzVU’s online database where you can track and manage your visitors. LenzVU also provides analytical tools for valuable business insights.

LenzVU's Solution

Contactless Waiver and Service

LenzVU offers multi-device compatibility, meaning you can send a copy of your digital waiver directly to your clients at any time and anywhere. They can access the waiver on their own personal devices and sign the waiver before visiting your location. In addition, with the ongoing pandemic, your clients will not have to worry about physical contact as your waiver signing process will completely touchless!

Increased Business Efficiency

Instead of wasting time and resources on manual data entry, all of your customer information and data will now be stored within LenzVU’s secured online database. Not to mention, our integration with our partners will help reduce costs, improve data accessibility, allow better communication, and ultimately create a seamless one-stop service.

Mariana Tek

Eliminate Paper and Filing

Say goodbye to the mountains of paperwork lying around your office! Go paperless with LenzVU and enjoy accessing and managing your forms online with our easy to use and intuitive dashboard to make better decisions. Be a part of our eco-friendly movement to help save trees and help create a sustainable community.

Enhanced User Experience

No more line-ups as your guests can now register or check-in on an IPad or Kiosk. This would make the registration process a lot quicker and more convenient! This would also help create a better first impression for your guests as LenzVU can provide a seamless customer experience right from the get-go.

Learn About Your Customers

LenzVU can provide crucial business insights from collecting and analyzing data from your customer’s forms. We offer questionnaire capabilities that allow you to learn more about your customers with every visit. Utilize this information to create campaigns, measure successes, and become closer to your customers. 

New Ways to Deliver

QR Code Waiver

The quicker your visitors checks in and register, they quicker they can access your facility. This is why we attach an unique QR code to each of your waivers as soon as they are published. Place this QR code anywhere in your facility and your visitors can scan them to complete your waivers ahead of time.

Offline Waiver

No internet connection? Not a problem! We made it so that all forms can be completed and signed offline on your devices. All captured forms will be uploaded to your secured database as soon as your device reconnects to the internet. 

Multiple Waiver

Does your business have different waivers for different visitors? Because our platform supports the implementation of multiple waiver forms depending on your business needs. You can have have as many waivers and questionnaires as you want for different applications and purposes.


Integration with Management Software

We do offer integration with management software such as Mariana Tek and MindBody Online. This allows for your waivers be added to the user profile automatically so you don’t have to leave your management software. Our integration allows for check-in for classes after they have completed their waivers or questionnaires. You no longer have to worry about administering waivers and reviewing profile gaps when a user walks into your facility. Learn more about our MindBody Online and Mariana Tek integrations.

LenzVU Smart Waiver Solution

About Us

We have been building and designing touchscreen kiosks since 2009. Our company focuses on designing touchscreen solutions that meet your business needs. Our approach has been to design hardware and software that works together to ensure the best experience for your customers. We have number of patent pending applications filed in the field of touchscreen kiosks.