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Manage, protect & Grow

The right business tools to elevate your studio to the next level. No more stacks of paper and long processes. Build and manage your questionnaires & legal forms with ease.

customize with elements

Personalize your forms just the way you like it. Ensure you get the most important information from your clients to give them a seamless experience and protect your business. Drag & drop with ease!

Email input

Capture the users email through the email Input option

Text field

Give your clients the ability to input their answers as a text. Name the field with what is required.

Phone number

Clients are able to enter in their phone number that can easily be stored in their client profile.

Input grid

Give users the option to enter multiple answers as a text.

Date selection

clients are able to pick a date using the calendar element! Know exactly when events happen.

Radio button

Allow clients to select only ONE of the options listed.

Radio grid

Allow clients to select only ONE of the options listed.

Checkbox input

Allow clients to multi-select from the options listed. Here clients are able to choose as many options that apply to them.

Checkbox grid

Give users the choice to multi-select options in grid/table format.

Heading editor

Add any heading, text, disclosures or messages using the text element.

File upload

Allow users to upload an image or file from their device.

Signature pad

Allow yourself to electronically capture your clients signature with our easy-to-use signature pad element.

Three simple ways to manage your forms


with your gym software

Find all your documents in one place. Sync client information from your gym software on our database to easily find what you need.


with lenzvu

Thinking of migrating softwares? We got your back! Make the switch without losing your documents when you store them on our database.


with your clients

Send your clients a unique URL through SMS, email campaigns or embedding the CSS code directly on your website! Allow clients to access forms directly at your studio with a QR code.

Don't Have a Waiver? Get a Free Template From LenzVU!

Explore more ways to grow!

Check out how you can enhance your studio to retain clients and drive more traffic!

Identify at risk clients

Develop meaningful relationships and track your clients interactions with our engagement scoring feature.

Monitor with automated flows

Drive more traffic & sales on auto-pilot. Ensure no steps are missed in the client journey with our automation designer feature.

Streamline all communications​

Transcribe texts & calls, view communication history & never miss a follow up.

You ask, we answer

To get a seamless experience, combine your forms with our automation feature and build a client journey with ease. Once you’ve built your forms, you can share directly with your clients through a QR code. 

The legal forms tab allows you to create your waivers and liability forms. Here, you can insert your terms and conditions and disclosures to ensure your business and clients are protected. Our forms tab allows you to build questionnaires & obtain more information about your clients.