LenzVU Integrated With Mariana Tek

LenzVU provides enhanced features to save your studio money and improve  client experiences.

LenzVU electronic waiver form

Give Yourself The Flexible Tool You Need To Foster Holistic Fitness Experiences

Digitally check-in your clients, ensuring that they are safe, satisfied, and comfortable with LenzVU’s dynamic client management tools built for Mariana Tek 

That means you and your staff only need to sign into Mariana Tek to access all the benefits of LenzVU—no additional work required!

Staff & Clients Deserves it!

Explore our
integrated features

Our system integrates with Mariana Tek provide flexibility for enhanced client experience.

You can choose what options do you need and enable the ones for you.


Experience Designer


LenzVU’s experience designer allows you to combine variety of features into one.

Instead of having multiple processes separately and repeatedly, which can be time-consuming and messy, your customers will only need to do everything just once!  

Enjoy the flexibility to design your customers’ journey right when they step into your doors! 

Comfortability Flag


Given the times, your clients might not feel comfortable with being touched by, or in close proximity to, others.

With LenzVU, you can now provide your clients with a way of discreetly communicating this before checking into their classes, alerting you in the process.

They can simply update the flag for every check-in to reflect how they feel on the day—give your clients the best wellness experience you can!

Flagged Responses


An intuitive system that allows you to highlight specific client responses that require your attention. 

That means you no longer have to comb through the responses individually.

You will be alerted when your clients do not meet certain requirements— making client management easy, discreet, and safe!

Class Check-in

LenzVU offers you the tools to create a smooth and holistic in-studio experience.

Your clients can digitally check-in, avoiding wasted time at the front desk and allowing you to have less personnel to run your studio.By completing their check-ins on their mobiles, client’s can be ready in a matter of moments—give them the peace of mind to start their class right away!

Digital Waiver Solution

Create your own digital waivers using LenzVU’s easy-to-use form designer. 

With our multi-device compatibility, you can send a copy of your digital waiver directly to your clients at any time and place.

Store the signed liability waiver documents online and have easy access to them—no longer worry about misplaced paper documents or bothering your client’s in-person again!

Validate Vaccination Status

Staff verification of documentation (e.g. vaccination status) is tedious, time consuming and costly.

LenzVU’s flexible AI document verification  (including vaccination card) allows you to design an experience suitable for your clients.

LenzVU’s intelligent system ensures that your client’s documented status (e.g. vaccination status) is confirmed to avoid repeated verification.

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