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June 12, 2024 Release

Release Date

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    The following changes were included in the June 12th release for LenzVU:

    • Refined the conditional logic within profile forms, ensuring smoother and more intuitive form interactions based on user inputs.
    • Added direct links to user profiles within task tags, allowing for quicker access to relevant information.
    • Addressed template rendering issues by fine-tuning the width and height settings of images, ensuring consistent and visually appealing templates.
    • Reintroduced and enhanced direction settings in the creation process, providing better control and customization options.
    • Improved the consistency and reliability of data formats in SMS and voice call logs, facilitating easier data analysis and reporting.
    • Cleaned up unnecessary whitespace in descriptions, leading to a more streamlined and readable presentation of information.
    • Enhanced the efficiency of template loading within the editor, ensuring faster access and smoother editing experiences.