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Make the best of Wellnessliving with Lenzvu

LenzVU'S integration with WellnessLiving makes running your studio easier by syncing customer data in real-time, so you can keep track of your studio and centralize communications! Use LenzVU to better organize, simplify and automate your CRM efforts.

Connect. Nurture. Grow.

Take your WellnessLiving
to the next level

You’ve got clients coming to your door. But what now? Our tools will help you gain a better understanding of your client’s needs through transcribing conversations, calculating their engagement level and interactions so that you can curate personalized content just for them.

Find everything you need in one place. Never worry about losing sight of waiver forms with LenzVU. Flag and notify clients to complete all steps in their journey and give them an unique experience.

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Keep your studio growing
and clients happy

Enhance customer relationships through tracking client engagement. Understand your client’s patterns and react instantly to retain them.

Connect the Dots

Your clients consume your content at every interaction. Bridge the gap between low and high engagement by implementing strategies that enhance your content.

Increase Engagement

Get a deeper understanding of their patterns to provide rewards, design personalized offers and build a community. Take your sales to the next level.

Save Costs

You can save up to 5 times more when you retain existing clients. Get in front of your at-risk clients with the right message and show you care before they jump ship.

Integrated features

Integrating LenzVU with WellnessLiving gives you the capability to provide an enhanced client experience! 

Business phone

Transcribe and continue conversations wherever, whenever on multiple devices. Send automated text messages and personalized voicemails to connect with clients.

Automated workflows

Design and enhance your client’s journey using the Experience Designer tool. Add different elements to a flow to trigger actions.

Email campaigns

Design, send and track personalized emails to stay in touch with your clients and build a strong and valued relationship.

Flagged responses

An intuitive system that allows you to highlight specific client responses that require your attention. You will be alerted when your clients do not meet certain requirements.

Class check-in

Your clients can digitally check-in on their phone, avoiding wasted time at the front desk and allowing you to have less personnel run your studio.

WellnessLiving auto-sync

Sync captured information automatically & continue managing everything seamlessly through WellnessLiving.

Standard features

Get more than just a WellnessLiving integration. Our CRM allows you to enhance your studio.

Identify at risk clients

Develop meaningful relationships and track your clients interactions with our engagement scoring feature.

Monitor with automated flows

Drive more traffic & sales on auto-pilot. Ensure no steps are missed in the client journey with our automation designer feature.

Streamline all communications​

Transcribe texts & calls, view communication history & never miss a follow up.

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Find out what LenzVU can do for your and elevate your studio today.

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You ask, we answer

To get started, an onboarding specialist from LenzVU will schedule a meeting to help get your account set up like entering in your company details and subscription plan. In order to complete your initial onboarding, you will need to configure your integration with your desired gym software. Our specialists will be assisting you in that process and then communicating with the WellnessLiving integration teams to get that process going. That requires an email from our end.

Yes, there is a way for you to see whether or not a client has completed a waiver. You will see an exclamation point on the class roster which indicates when a user has an unsigned waiver. This flag stays on their profile until the waiver has been completed. To ensure that clients complete their forms, all clients that sign up for a class will receive a text or email notification that they are required to complete their waiver forms. Follow ups can also be automated and personalized, allowing for a seamless check-in process.

Our transcribing feature keeps a record of phone conversations with your clients to ensure that you are aware of their needs. You are able to view client profiles with their picture and name as well as which staff member has communicated with them. This allows you to get a better understanding of what clients are looking for and follow up with the right sales approach.

An engagement trend will calculate the level of interaction clients have with your content. A downward trend indicates a decrease in interactions. This can be used to understand what your clients respond to and offer the best services. Similarly, URL tracking allows you to view what clients are interested in at your studio. This information will help you curate a personalized sales strategy to increase engagement and interactions.


Experience the power of LenzVU firsthand by booking a demo today.

Our experts will guide you through the intuitive features and functionalities that will revolutionize your marketing strategies. Streamline campaigns, automate customer journeys, and enhance lead generation with LenzVU and WellnessLiving. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your marketing game. Schedule your demo now and embark on a transformative marketing journey.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Lenzvu, our groundbreaking marketing automation software seamlessly integrated into WellnessLiving. Take your fitness enterprise to unprecedented heights by harnessing the power of Lenzvu. With this game-changing tool, you can revolutionize your marketing strategy and propel your sales to new heights. Automate your marketing campaigns effortlessly, engage your target audience with personalized emails, and effortlessly manage your social media presence. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your revenue, attract new clients, and retain existing ones with ease. It’s time to unlock the true potential of your fitness business. Experience unparalleled success in the competitive fitness industry by harnessing the combined power of WellnessLiving and Lenzvu. Join us today and witness the remarkable impact it can have on your growth and success.