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Creating A Serene Experience With LenzVU

Serene Experience

LenzVU, by Tribute Kiosk, is dedicated to helping your business create a serene experience for your clients. LenzVU’s enhanced verification solution, as well as the XP Design tool, are what you need to curate this experience, for both virtual or in-person interactions.


Bring serenity to your clients by creating a flexible system using our XP Design tool. This tool enables you to select, drag, and drop particular actions and commands you would like to incorporate in your client’s virtual, or in-person journey. For instance, choosing to provide your clients with contactless check-in. 


Creating a serene experience also means making sure your clients feel heard and prioritized. LenzVU provides you with the ability to conduct surveys/questionnaires directly with your clientele. Clients’ physical comfortability can discreetly be communicated.

For your peace of mind LenzVU has incorporated clients’ comfort with features to safeguard your business. Our flagging notification system notifies you of any concerns immediately, and when requirements have not been fulfilled by your clients. 


LenzVU’s Intelligence provides assurance, and the capability to validate documents, while also correlating them with other information. Clients may easily provide their information in a secure manner, and LenzVU’s system will validate it without any bias or discrimination. This helps to substitute your staff and make them more available to focus on other important tasks.


Show your clients you value their time by avoiding asking the same questions over and over again! LenzVU’s resources allow you to bring serenity to your clients by letting them privately, and virtually complete required waivers or forms, at their own convenience, whenever, and wherever they want. This is a perfect way to support your clients who are always on the move. Enjoy the serenity of having LenzVU’s AI verify, and update all your client’s information to their profiles. Automating this process not only gives your clients more control over their interactions with you and your business, but it allows you to gain their trust.


While running a business, you want to be able to evolve according to your clients and the changes in their needs. LenzVU can produce reports that are collected directly from surveys/responses that are sent out to your clients, so you can stay consistent with your clients. Enjoy the serenity of having all of your data automatically gathered, stored, and analyzed all on one platform. You are also able to export data at your convenience to other softwares for analysis. LenzVU wants to help you conduct the right evaluations, using the right tools, so you can improve your brand loyalty by continuing to intrigue your guests


Creating a serene experience is about building and sustaining long term relationships. Feel the serenity of having access to built-in marketing features that avail a structured way of having personalized, and direct communication with your clients. For instance, you can use this resource to make your clients feel appreciated and recognized through post-service communication/emails. The XP Design tool has the intelligence to ensure that actions are only completed once for the desired person, negating any chance of overlap.  

LenzVU is rich in features so that your clients can see you for more than just a business. Using the resources provided to you, you can create a serene experience for yourself, and your clients, that is easy, minimal, and safe. These are the hallmarks to your success and peace of mind!


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