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LenzVU's Features

LenzVU provides storage space for your liability waivers for the first 6 months of your sign up for free. This will store all forms and data on your account. You can increase the storage space duration by changing your price plan accordingly to match the needs of your business.

Easy to use and intuitive form designer that allows you to make changes and update your forms by a few simple clicks. You can also drag and drop a variety of elements to format and create your desired waiver or questionnaire. 

Create and design your customer experience using the experience designer by combining a multitude of features. Make your sign up/registration process simpler by offering a one stop seamless experience.

You can flag certain sections of your form if it meets a certain criteria. This allows you to accurately track responses that require your attention.

LenzVU allows you to track every change and update made to your forms to ensure your client is signing the latest versions of the forms. You can also document new changes and can reverse change when needed.

LenzVU provides insightful analytics including several different metrics from all responses of your forms. This allows you to make better operation decisions and come up with better business strategies.

Copies of waivers with the business or customer can be uploaded and compared to the original to ensure their authenticity.

All data captured can be exported into a CSV file and can be viewed and analyzed using a spreadsheet software.

Each individual form will have their own unique QR code attached, allowing easier and more convenient access on any device.

If you have multiple activities that accommodate different guests, you can create and display multiple waivers to fit your business needs.

You can download all data from LenzVU and store them at your own database for further analysis.

Your guests can sign your forms from anywhere at anytime without having to connect to the internet. The forms will automatically be uploaded to your account once internet becomes available.

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