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New Automated & Secure Contact-Tracing Solution for Businesses

LenzVU monitoring and security

Tribute Kiosk is set to launch LenzVU, a contact tracing, security and analytics solution that provides a focused view (Lens View) of your customer traffic. The multi-purpose device comes as businesses are eyeing effective solutions for reopening, and governments realize that societies need long-term strategies for controlling the spread of COVID-19.


Currently, the Canadian government’s COVID-19 app has only an 8% install rate. In addition to limited reach, the app-based contact tracing mechanism also brings with it a number of limitations. To overcome some of the shortfalls of app-based contact tracing, we have developed a solution that allows businesses to track people that visit their locations using a unique and innovative concept.

LenzVU, a small wireless sensor, detects cellphones’ hardware ID when they come in vicinity to the device, without the need for any actions from the cell phone owner. Cell phone owners do not need to install any application or switch on their phone’s Bluetooth. LenzVU detects and records anonymous data of all the people who enter a business premise. The data from all the stores, traceable to each branch, is held in a centralized cloud and accessed through the dashboard. LenzVU will let businesses understand how many customers have visited multiple locations in a day. Where restrictions apply, businesses will be able to identify a person who has visited multiple branches in the same day. For restaurants, banks and other businesses with store fronts and branches, LenzVU will enhance security and safety measures businesses have taken to curb the spread of COVID-19.


If required, LenzVU will also allow businesses to provide a registration and check-in feature. Currently, the government requires restaurants to note down patrons’ details so that the public health can identify and contact them in case of an outbreak. Generally, restaurants have to dedicate a person for that task. This is prone to errors and further, it has caused security and privacy issues (pictures taken of the list and misused). With LenzVU, guests can simply connect to a hotspot provided through our sensor and enter their contact details and information. They can show the green checkbox to the host/hostess once they have completed this registration step. This feature, configured through the LenzVU dashboard, maintains a safe, secure and automated database of patrons who have visited a business to aid contact-tracing, if the need arises.


Introducing the new contact-tracing device, Tribute Kiosk CEO Afi Aflatooni commented, “With LenzVU, Public Health officials can trace back the COVID case to the location and also accurately understand who was in the vicinity at the time.”

Survey results show that 73% people are more likely to visit retailers and restaurants once their COVID-19 anxiety is reduced. With the database of people that LenzVU will maintain (when registration is enabled) it will be easier for Public Health officials to perform an accurate contact tracing exercise when a new COVID-19 case is discovered.



LenzVU goes beyond providing a comprehensive database for COVID-19 related contact-tracing. The device can also be used by businesses that have restricted areas where unauthorized individuals are not permitted to enter. Using the same cellphone ID tracking mechanism, LenzVU can help businesses identify resource movement across their premises and send security alerts when an unauthorized device enters a restricted area.


Tribute Kiosks also advises its clients on GDPR privacy compliance and supports in

formulating privacy policies. Privacy policies spell out how the institution or business will manage the data collected by LenzVU.


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