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Assign tasks with the clarity of a diamond

Running a studio with your employees requires the ability to provide clear directions with specific steps so the task gets completed let us help out with that.

Create clearity and direction
for your employees

Our task manager allows you to provide specfic and clear directions
pertaining to members of your studio or even for employees to follow

Organize tasks

A messy to-do list won’t get your studio anywhere. With us, create tasks and assign them to employees to ensure clarity among the designation of tasks. 

Link tasks to a client

Your clients are just as important to you as your studio is. With our tool you can link a task to a specific client so you can support them leading them to return to you.

Ensure task awareness

Assign tasks to your employees clearly so they’re able to do their job effectively and support customers in the long run. No more “I didn’t know I had to do this”.

Create accountability

Prevent employees from transferring ownership of tasks to prevent confusion and create a solid understanding of the ownerships tasks.

Create and assign tasks to support your employees

Create and simplify tasks that are clear and specfic to employees to make sure they get to put in 100% and customers get the best experience possible as a result of clarity and purposeful direction.

Add tasks

Create tasks that are understandable for your employees and easy to execute with specific instructions.

Link tasks

Once you’ve assigned a task to an employee you may link that task towards a client that can help support your client or get them started.

Follow up

Stay informed from the correct source. With the task manager you’ll know exactly who to go to and create a stronger sense of accountability with your employees. 

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Identify at risk clients

Develop meaningful relationships and track your clients interactions with our engagement scoring feature.

Streamline all communications​

Transcribe texts & calls, view communication history & never miss a follow up.

Automate marketing

Connect with clients by segmenting & filtering them to create personalized email campaigns.

You ask, we answer

A task manager can help you visualize the workload each employee has and it can provide clarity to employees in regards to who is assigned what.

This is to create accountability and a sense of ownership for your employees by providing them with the opportunity to really own their tasks.

Since an employee will be assigned to the task you can check in with them to ensure tasks are getting done right and you’re asking the right person.