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Why Versioning Is Important and How It Can Benefit Your Business

In the increasingly fast-changing business world, being able to quickly adapt to different situations can go a long way in ensuring your business’s well-being. This is especially true when it comes to businesses that use waivers. In most cases, businesses would consult their lawyers on the validity and viability of their waivers to ensure the business is well-protected in the event of unwanted accidents. And when the time comes, the lawyers would advise the businesses to update their waivers as changes occur in the business or the industry. In other words, you would see most businesses needing to update their waivers on a yearly basis. This is where the ability to update your waivers becomes extremely helpful as it ensures your clients are signing the most up-to-date waivers. Many businesses would oftentimes face the problem of not knowing which client has signed which version of the waiver when changes and updates have been made. Luckily, LenzVU provides its users with the “versioning” capability, and it does exactly that. Versioning allows businesses to document any changes or updates to their waivers while keeping the original version. Each individual waiver would be assigned a version number and each update would create a new version of the original. That way, businesses would know exactly which version of the waivers their clients are signing and can provide the updated version for older clients.

Here is an example of how versioning can help your business: Imagine you are a health and fitness studio owner, and you provide a wide range of services from workout equipment to fitness classes. For people to become members of your studio, they are required to sign waivers that prevent the studio from being liable to accidents that occur within. As time passes on, you decide to add a bunch of new equipment to expand the studio. This calls for an update on your waivers as the new equipment is not covered by it. Further, you need to identify which one of your clients has agreed to the new terms included in your updated waivers. If a client comes to your facility after a month would your system and information management system be able to identify if they have signed the latest version of the waiver? This way you are protecting your business and satisfying your insurance policy to ensure your clients have agreed to all the updated terms in your waiver.

With versioning, you will be able to see the exact changes made to your waivers over time, especially when you decide to get more new equipment for your studio. In other words, you will no longer have to worry about whether or not your clients have signed different waivers as versioning will provide you with the information you need to keep your clients and their waivers up to date.



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