XP Designer

Design and enhance your client’s journey using the Experience Designer tool to create automated campaigns. Add different elements to the flow to trigger actions.



Any waivers/legal forms that you have created can be added to the flow to be signed by your clients


Any questionnaires/forms that you have created can be added to the flow to be completed by your clients


Add a custom email or SMS to be sent to your client after a certain action point in the flow

Integrate With Leading Gym Management Software

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Integration Flows

Experience designer feature with LenzVU

Add Arrival: No class check-in? No problem. Use this “action point” to mark your clients as arrived

Class Check-in: Add this element as an “action point” to trigger an action after your client checks-in

Capture Payment Information: Allow your clients to enter their payment information

Comfort Level with Physical Interaction Question: You now have the ability to ask your client about their comfort level in a discreet way

Enable Check-In After Completion: Add this element as an “action point” after a certain step to enable clients to check-in once they’ve completed the action

Support Your Clients On Auto-Pilot!

Experience designer feature with LenzVU

Create Meaningful Campaigns

Don’t just market to your clients, but also create an overall meaningful experience through different XP Designer campaigns and functionalities.  

Simple Drag-&-Drop

Create a flow by simply dragging and dropping elements and inputs into your sequence to activate triggers. 

Experience designer feature with LenzVU

Set Timed Messages

Set time increments between each trigger as needed, such as sending SMS or emails to a user some time after they complete a waiver or form.

Create Campaigns For Different Events

Choose from a series of flow events to automate, so that you can meet your client at every step of the customer journey.

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